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Friday 27 January 2017

Welcome to the newest Start Up and Early Stage Blog

Welcome to my new blog, and thank you for being one of my very first viewers! 

This is an unusual New Year start for me, but a very exciting one too.

My goal for this blog and the website is to explain and de-mystify the inner workings of this diverse and fast-growing world of UK (so far) start-ups and financing from the perspective of someone engaged in it, to show that it doesn't resemble "Dragon's Den" too closely and to ask the questions at least initially of someone intrigued looking in, rather than as an insider. Fellow business angels, entrepreneurs and VCs are always very welcome of course, and the networks, feedback and shared insights in this space are hugely valuable.

We aim to and expect to throw a spotlight on the inspirational drive, passion and sheer talent of the individual personalities on the businesses and investing sides, amongst the networks shaping the world of start up businesses and its financing.

You can follow me in the meantime via @ask1angel on Twitter, and please sign up with your name and email (when you next return) to be certain of access to key information and insights into this exciting and fast changing world.

Leave a comment or message me what areas you'd love to hear more about, or which you're struggling to get a handle on; you'll be one of the first to AskAnAngel!

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